Installation Guide & FAQs

WiperMoji In Action!

Install WiperMoji On Your Rear Wiper!


Install WiperMoji On Your Rear Window or Bumper!


Do you have any designs for cars without a rear wiper?
Yes! Our WiperMoji are designed to attach to ANY vehicle. All of our products ship with the ability to stick to a wiper blade or any other surface on the back of your car. Just pick your favorite design from our shop and order today!
Can I attach WiperMoji to any size wiper blade?
Although each car is unique, WiperMoji are designed to work with any car.
Will WiperMoji damage my car?
No – WiperMoji can easily be removed without leaving residue or damage.
Are the WiperMoji easy to remove? Can I swap out designs?
Yes and yes! WiperMoji are detachable, interchangeable, and reusable! Just make sure you remove the product before going through car washes.
How will the WiperMoji hold up in Rain/Sun/Snow, etc?
WiperMoji have been tested in our harsh Minnesota conditions, however, if you should have any issues, just shoot us an email at yourpals@mydrive5.com and we'll be happy to help.
I have an idea for a design, what should I do? Can I submit my own design?
Email us at yourpals@mydrive5.com and we'll work with you to bring your designs to life.
What do I do if I have any other questions or concerns?
I think you get the idea. Just feel free to email us at yourpals@mydrive5.com

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